Guaranteed Internet Connectivity

Guaranteed Internet Connectivity

The guaranteed INTERNET connectivity is a service with defined by the client parameters for access to the Bulgarian and the international internet space, where the co-relation of the traffic to and from the client is 1:1.

The service is provided by the means of the fiber optic network of NET IS SAT, its main characteristic is the unremittingness. The reliability of the connection is guaranteed by gigabit links in the backbone of the network. The service also includes a definite number of real IP addresses. The routing can be static or dynamic, through OSPF or BGP. The quality and the level of the services and their availability at every access point are defined by the Service-level agreements (SLAs). A team of professionals is responsible for the trouble-free functioning of the services: Customer Service Expert, System Administrator, Technical Specialist.

Access interface specification (BG version only)

  • an individual solution tailored to the specific requirements
  • guaranteed capacity
  • high-speed connection