Voice Service For Operators

For operators, who want to extend their portfolio of services provided to end users without investing, NET IS SAT offers:

  • Own number capacity in the country.
  • A system for provisioning and reporting of the services.
  • Equipment – IP telephone set or an adapter.
  • 24/7 telephone support.
  • Staff training.
  • Advertising materials.

We will be glad to introduce you to the terms of the Voice service for operators. Contact us on this telephone number 02/434 0 123, or on the link bellow.

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Voice Services

The traditional telephone networks, until recently used for a computer data transfer, today are replaced by the data networks, transferring digital voice signals. In its essence the solution includes a series of technologies that allow voice communication, using an IP network for transferring, as the voice signal is being digitized, compressed, and converted into IP packages. Very important for the IP voice service implementing is the presence of a reliable data network, that is going to serve as a base for the integrated communications. NET IS SAT has its own entirely optical environment, that guarantees trouble-free providing of the voice and signaling traffic. Because the voice data is sensible to delay and loss of packages, mechanisms guaranteeing their priority are introduced.
The service provides full-featured and varied functionallity that includes:

  • Call forwarding when busy;
  • Call transfer;
  • Hold;
  • Caller ID;
  • Optional call barring;
  • Automatic establishing of a fax signal;
  • Time reading and price reporting;
  • Work authorization in the network;
  • Storing of the call information in a database;
  • Voice messages/ mail;
  • Paging Messages;
  • Automatic response, telephone secretary;
  • Interactive voice response (IVR).


The main advantages are:

  • Reduction of the fixed telephone taxes.
  • Waiving of the charges for the ancillary services (using voice mail, call transfer, redirection of the incoming calls).
  • Reducing of the expenses for long distance calls.
  • Reduction of the cost of the network infrastructure (the communications are incorporated in one network).
  • Expanding the opportunities for company communications – mobility (using the same phone number, regardless the location).