Voice Service For Operators

For operators, who want to extend their portfolio of services provided to end users without investing, NET IS SAT offers:

  • Own number capacity in the country.
  • A system for provisioning and reporting of the services.
  • Equipment – IP telephone set or an adapter.
  • 24/7 telephone support.
  • Staff training.
  • Advertising materials.

We will be glad to introduce you to the terms of the Voice service for operators. Contact us on this telephone number 02/434 0 123, or on the link bellow.

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Fixed Voice Service

NET IS SAT has been a licensed voice operator since 2005 that has its own number capacity for more tha 40 populated localities on the territory of the country. The offered voice services provide guaranteed:

  • high quality incoming and outcoming telephone communication, compatible with the client’s communication infrastructure.
  • optimization of the monthly consumption.

Implementation – in accordance with the chosen by the client telephone port NET IS SAT offers the following kinds of services:

  • POTS – Plain Old Telephone System.
  • ISDN BRI (Basic Rate Interface) – two data channels (called B channels), each one with speed of 64 kbit/s and one signaling (D-channel) with speed of 16 kbit/s. When you use this kind of access the total speed is 128 kbit/s.
  • ISDN PRI (Primary Rate Interface) – 30 data channels (called B channels), each one with speed of 64 kbit/s and one signaling (D-channel) with speed of 64 kbit/s.
  • IP TRUNK – direct IP connectivity through SIP protocol. The service allows unlimited amount of simultaneous telephone conversations.


  • Preserving the existing phone numbers.
  • Free equipment for the contract period.
  • Detailed information and control of the real-time conversations without additional expenses + personal security code authorization.