Voice Service For Operators

For operators, who want to extend their portfolio of services provided to end users without investing, NET IS SAT offers:

  • Own number capacity in the country.
  • A system for provisioning and reporting of the services.
  • Equipment – IP telephone set or an adapter.
  • 24/7 telephone support.
  • Staff training.
  • Advertising materials.

We will be glad to introduce you to the terms of the Voice service for operators. Contact us on this telephone number 02/434 0 123, or on the link bellow.

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Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX is a service where a platform for handling telephone calls is provided for rent by the subscriber of NET IS SAT. The business client doesn’t invest in hardware for telephone service, but uses already existing solution at an affordable price.

Advantages of Hosted PBX:

  • 0 levs expenses for an initial investment in equipment.
  • Convenient for the client support.
  • Management of calls within the client’s outer posts.
  • Easy and without investments change of the inner posts (adding/ removing) of subscribers.

Advantages of the PBX, based on an IP voice service:

  • Unlimited number of extensions.
  • Mobility of the numbers – they can be used from different addresses.
  • The extension to the corporate PBX can be configured on a laptop.
  • Implementation of a voice mail and fax-to-email/ email-to-fax.
  • Recording, playback and search of made calls.
  • Calls statistics.