Voice Service For Operators

For operators, who want to extend their portfolio of services provided to end users without investing, NET IS SAT offers:

  • Own number capacity in the country.
  • A system for provisioning and reporting of the services.
  • Equipment – IP telephone set or an adapter.
  • 24/7 telephone support.
  • Staff training.
  • Advertising materials.

We will be glad to introduce you to the terms of the Voice service for operators. Contact us on this telephone number 02/434 0 123, or on the link bellow.

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Personal Number 0700

The service is meant for companies with branches or offices in the country that want to use a unified non-geographic telephone number that can be dialed by their users.

The number applicant pays:

  • One-off opening fee.
  • A fee for a plain number (without the right to choose)


  • A fee for a plain number (with the right to choose)


  • A fee for a golden number.
  • Monthly subscription for the service maintenance.

A condition for the use of the service „Personal number – 0700” is the use of a fixed voice telephony service by NET IS SAT.

Except the pointed out monthly subscription, the subscriber also pays one for the telephone services used as destinations for the service „Personal number – 0700”.
The destinations are telephone posts with geographical number from the numbering plan of NET IS SAT, that are directed to the unified personal number.

The client is not charged for the incoming calls. Users initializing calls with „Personal number – 0700″, pay the cost of a local call in accordance with their subscription plan.

The service also provides the following opportunities:

  • Redirecting of calls to offices or branches that are the closest to the caller’s position, up to 300 zones for the country.
  • Software platform to the green numbers for call management.
  • Automatic establishing of fixed and mobile networks subscribers.
  • An easy system for independent management of the promo messages.
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) Call forwarding when the signal is „busy” or „free”.
  • Specifying maximum duration of the call.